*$#%! It’s Potty Mouth Pottery Night at Oliloli!

Visits: 312

Unclutch your pearls and join in for Potty Mouth Pottery Night at Oliloli at 103-23 Metropolitan Avenue, where you can paint whatever the *$#% you want on your pottery! On July 27th from 7pm-9pm, the staff will provide guests with naughty words silkscreens to add colorful language to your design.

The cost is $12 to reserve your seat + cost of pottery.

Advance reservation is required. This workshop is for adults only. Guests are welcome to bring drinks and snacks. Cost of pottery selected will be paid the night of the event. Fired projects will be available for pick-up by August 6th.

To book your spot click this *$#% right here!

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