Mott & Bayard Eyewear launches kickstarter to fund new frame development

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With the diverse culture at the heart of Forest Hills, Queens, one eyewear company is on a mission to change the way glasses fit so that they can be both comfortable and good-looking on everyone.

Mott & Bayard Eyewear was founded to bridge culture and style through visionary design. Design that creates perfect fitting pair of glasses, especially for people with low nose-bridges,” says Kenneth Ma, founder of Mott & Bayard.

Residents have already contributed nearly $6,500 to M&B’s kickstarter campaign, and in return, received glasses, sunglasses, an eyewear case, and M&B gear for specific contribution amounts. M&B is even offering 7% cash back for simply sharing the kickstarter on social media.



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MK Vision Center, located at 107-29 71st Avenue in Forest Hills is an exclusive carrier of Mott & Bayard eyewear, so FH & Queens residents will be able to conveniently visit MK to get a look at TrueFit when the product is officially launched.

Buying a pair of glasses that fits well and looks great is tough. Some frames may look stylish, but once you put them on, they sit too close to your cheeks or feel too heavy on your nose. Some may fit perfectly, but you wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house wearing them.


Mott & Bayard Eyewear was created to change that, and you can play an important role in their mission.

Click here to help fund their mission, and receive a pair of their exclusive frames in return. You can also earn 7% cash back for sharing their kickstarter with your network.

M&B makes great-looking and better fitting glasses with the finest material on the market so that people can feel both confident and comfortable wearing them.




Mott & Bayard’s frames are different because they:

  •  Have extended nose-pads to provide a more comfortable and accurate  fit.
  • Will have flatter frame tilt so the frames won’t sit too close to the cheeks
  • Use patented, high-density cellulose acetate that are 20% lighter and thinner than regular acetate but just as durable.
Click here to visit the campaign.
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