Results for Participatory Budgeting released

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For some time, the community has been involved in deciding where to spend capital money as part of Participatory Budgeting.

“Many of these ideas were extensive and varied ranging from making safety improvements to our streets, to upgrading our neighborhood schools,” Council Member Karen Koslowitz said. “Thanks also go to our community volunteers who worked so hard to increase voting participation, and to our Participatory Budgeting Delegates who met regularly to develop and refine the projects, confer with city agencies, and prepare the proposals to be ballot ready. The people have spoken, and congratulations to the winning ideas.”

According to a press release from Koslowitz, District #29 has voted on the following projects that will be included in the upcoming city Capital Budget:

#1. Traffic/Pedestrian Safety Enhancements – A safety improvement for 71st Avenue and Austin Street in Forest Hills which includes installation of a single curb extension at the northeast corner of 71st Avenue and Austin Street. This will promote safety for pedestrians as it will align them with the parking lane which will increase their visibility to drivers.

#2. Renovations to our Local Public Schools – Complete renovation of select bathrooms at three of our local public schools: PS 144, PS 174, and PS 101.

#3. Forest Hills Library Improvements – Construction of an outdoor reading area and renovation of the interior meeting room at Forest Hills Library.

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