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For weeks, members of District 29 have been getting together and brainstorming ideas on how to spend the $1 million budget that Council Member Karen Koslowitz has funded towards the community. It’s now time to take a step further into the process known as Participatory Budgeting.

Residents can now take the suggested ideas, ranging from safety improvement and upgrading neighborhood schools, and develop them into concrete proposals. To do so, there needs to be community members willing to take on the role of PB Budget Delegates. The delegates will meet just once a month from November to March.

Working with a committee of their own interest, such as parks, education and transportation libraries, the delegates will be able to develop projects. The job also entails conferring with city agencies and preparing the proposals to be ballot ready for the district wide vote in April.

If you would like to become a Budget Delegate, you can call Council Member Koslowitz’ district office at 718-544-8800 or email Alex Anderson at

If you’d like to see the ideas brought up in past meetings or if you’d like to submit your own ideas, you can go to Hey, it’s a lot of power for the greater good of the community!

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