Police still trying to solve Forest Hills arsonist’s riddle

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A fire on 112th Street and 68th Road. Twitter/shameonyoumy

A fire on 112th Street and 68th Road. Twitter/shameonyoumy

Dec. 3, 2015

The hunt for the mysterious arsonist isn’t over after police were able to figure out an identity from a note left behind at the latest fire, but still could not ID the suspect.

In the note, the suspect taunted police to decode the message, which hasn’t been released to the public. It was reportedly left under a windshield wiper of a car roughly four blocks away from the latest house fire, however now they have a clear video of a man who they believe is seen starting the fires. Within a week, police were able to identify a Forest Hills resident who they thought might have been involved, however after extensive interviews, was found not to be involved with any of the fires. The riddle seems to be a red herring for the numerous fire and police units now involved.

According to the Post, police believe the suspect might not have liked the designs of the new homes under construction, which has been an issue for many in the neighborhood lately. But police will not comment on that.

This latest incident is a fire which took two homes on 112 St at 68 Drive. Joanne Ciorciari, a member of Community Board #6 in Forest Hills says her neighbors are worried about who might be next. “It’s frightening to think someone cares so little about harming someone ….. to start a fire and burn a home? Are you kidding me?”

Police have not been able to locate the arsonist as yet. Cops are offering a $12,500 cash reward if you have any information about the firebug.

Office Thomas Bell is involved in the investigation. He says a male was seen leaving the scene of a fire at 112-35 69th Road in Forest Hills at 12:30 AM this morning.
The man is white, wearing a dark green helmet with a chin strap, glasses, a flesh-colored bandana over his nose/mouth, ‎black leather jacket, cuffed blue jeans, and black sneakers with white soles. He was seen by several witnesses in front of the location shortly after the blaze was set (possibly watching it), and was seen by several witnesses quickly fleeing the wrong way on 69th Road on the sidewalk and turning south onto the GCP Service Road.
Call 1800-577-TIPS with any information.
Here is the photo:
This man is wanted for questioning. See here on his motorcycle

This man is wanted for questioning. See here on his motorcycle


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