Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen gets shut down by fire

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Danny Brown, one of Queens’ top five chefs, was handed yet another turn of bad luck when a fire erupted at his restaurant.

In recent months, Brown’s restaurant, Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen, announced that they were closing their doors at the end of the year due to rent issues. The famed restaurant also suffered the loss of the prestigious Michelin star.

The fire began around 2:30 a.m. in the boiler room on November 1. Fire officials believe that the fire started due to a water heater’s close location to combustible materials. Although there are no injuries reported, there was severe damage. For instance, the restaurant lost the drop ceiling in the basement.


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“We did suffer damages to the electrical in the basement, water and smoke damage,” Audrey Brown, co-owner of the restaurant, said to DNAinfo. “We are doing our best to get up and running, but it is quite a climb, the boiler room has to be re-built and we still don’t have our refrigerators back.”

Before reopening, the Health Department will have to inspect the restaurant.

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