Iran deal activists rally outside Congresswoman Grace Meng’s Forest Hills office

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A group of concerned activists rallied outside Congresswoman Grace Meng’s Forest Hills office last week to call on the elected official to reverse her opposition to the Obama Administration’s nuclear pact with Iran.

The group believes the multinational plan would limit the ease and accessibility Iran has to the materials and ability to make a nuclear weapon, ultimately preventing an eventual war. The plan was negotiated between Iran, the United States and five other world powers.

Leading the charge was Rochelle Santos, who organized the rally on the behalf of, a political activist group that helps citizens organize rallies and start and manage petitions.

“I wanted to bring up some of the reasons why it’s much safer for America to have the treaty than to not,” Santos said.

She highlighted that 14,000 of Iran’s 20,000 centrifuges will be destroyed, and the country will not be allowed to build new ones. Iran would also have to give up 97 percent of its enriched uranium. She also noted that, under the agreement, it would potentially take one-year for Iran to build a bomb. Currently, it would only take them three months according to Santos.

“In that time, everything would be inspected,” she said. “We could see if there was any cheating on the deal.”

Read the full story at the Forest Hills Times.

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