Forest Hills Stadium Lineup

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imagesThe Forest Hills Stadium has proven itself successful this year, with many big names planned to perform. This 100 year-old stadium has been home to many iconic performers such as The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and many more, so it is only right for the stadium to continue fostering talent.

There were many people debating against the continuation and reconstruction of the stadium in the beginning of the summer, due to the fear that the concerts would bring a rowdy audience and create trouble for the neighborhood. Despite fears, the supporters of the stadium prevailed.

After 20 years, the stadium was renovated and has showcased bands such as the Zac Brown Band and Mumford & Sons. There have been no complications regarding the audience during the shows. The lineup for this summer seems to be very solid and getting a lot of attention. The shows will be taking place in August and early September.

On August 9th, indie/punk rock bands Modest Mouse and Brand New will be playing alongside one another, while on August 19th, popular rappers Drake and Lil Wayne will perform as apart of their partnered tour. On September 19th, pioneers of alternative rock, The Replacements will play a solo show.

Tickets are on sale for these upcoming shows, with a four ticket limit per order. Having a local concert stadium proves to be a success, with anticipation for future artists.

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