Clothing bins facing new DSNY regulations

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You may have seen the growing number of charitable clothing bins popping up around the borough. But there have been constant issues regarding the sanitation of the drop-off points as well as illegal or misrepresented bins.

The concerns regarding the legality of the bins were posed by members of the public as well as city officials. Recently, the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) announced that the clothing bin regulations were about to change.

The DSNY will now be able to immediately remove illegal clothing collection bins on public property.
Local residents support the new regulations.

“As a volunteer supervisor of the four-star WhyHungry charity, I am always concerned about profit-making groups that disguise themselves as charities,” said Forest Hills resident Alan Seltzer. “Even some well-meaning charities seem to have trouble maintaining their bins in a timely manner, so more needs to be done about that.”

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