Embattled P.S. 101 teacher defended by colleagues at Boy Scout Troop 96

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11160756125_fa2ba07bd7_mThe reinstatement of a teacher who was accused of choking a female student in his first grade class last year has parents at PS101 up in arms. But many who have worked closely with him say the allegations are out of character for the Troop 96 Scout Leader.

Richard Parlini was removed from the classroom at PS101 in Forest Hills Gardens last year, charged a $2,500 fine and required to attend a six-hour training course.

“Ensuring the safety of all students is a top priority and we work with each school community to make sure all children have safe and supportive learning environments,” a DOE official said.

In reaction to the DOE decision to keep Parlini out of the classroom, Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz said, “At this time, I am satisfied that the teacher in question will not be giving instruction in a classroom. Future developments, if any, will be closely monitored by my office.”

According to a previous statement by the DOE, the claim that Parlini actually put his hands around the neck of one of his female students is unsubstantiated, though he has been disciplined previously for claims of verbal abuse and corporal punishment in the classroom.

Parlini’s colleagues from Boy Scout Troop 96 tell a different story.

“I’ve received emails from the scoutmasters that have worked with him and they have never observed anything that would make them uncomfortable,” Adario said.

Read more at The Forest Hills/Rego Park Times.

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