Many in Forest Hills Use Garbage Cans To Save Parking Spaces

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Police say they will be ticketing homeowners if garbage cans are used in spots where it is legal to park.

It’s difficult enough to find a parking spot on Forest Hills streets in any kind of weather. But when piles of snow take up valuable parking real estate on residential Manse Street or Ascan Avenue, some have taken to their private spots on public streets.

On Ascan near Metropolitan Avenue, parking spaces are being saved by garbage cans.

with garbage cans in order to “save a space” in front of their house.

Some snoopy bloggers have been trolling side streets and noticed dozens of spots being saved. And we all know that when one person on your block sees fit to do it, others will seem to follow. On Manse Street near Selfridge a number of spots are taken up by garbage cans.

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