Emergency 30-Day Divorce Option Available in Forest Hills, Queens

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There are many reasons why a couple living in Forest Hills would need an emergency divorce. That means they need to part ways right here right now. The only issue is that the law was not always on their side as even an uncontested divorce (a divorce in which both parties agree on the terms) could take months. Today there is a divorce lawyer near Forest Hills, Queens named Robert Aronov that has revolutionized this whole process. Roberts clients have publicly stated on Google that they were officially divorce in as little as weeks. With the legal loopholes available today obtaining a divorce in 30 days or less is now a very feasible option.

In New York State, obtaining an emergency divorce, also known as an expedited divorce, typically requires specific circumstances. Here are some grounds that might justify such a request:

1. Cruel and Inhuman Treatment: This involves physical or mental abuse that endangers your physical or mental well-being, making it unsafe or intolerable to continue the marriage.

2. Abandonment: If your spouse has abandoned you for at least one year, you may be able to seek an expedited divorce.

3. Imprisonment: If your spouse has been imprisoned for at least three consecutive years after your marriage began, you can file for divorce.

4. Adultery: If your spouse has committed adultery, you may be eligible for an expedited divorce.

5. Separation Agreement: If you and your spouse have lived apart under a separation agreement for at least one year, and all terms of the agreement have been followed, this could qualify you for an expedited divorce.

6. Custody and Visitation: In cases involving urgent issues related to custody or visitation of children, the court may expedite the divorce proceedings to address these matters promptly.

Please note that:

  • If both spouses agree on all major issues such as division of assets and debts, child custody and support (if applicable), and alimony (if applicable). This mutual agreement significantly speeds up the process because there’s no need for lengthy negotiations or court hearings.
  • Some states have laws that allow for a shorter waiting period before the divorce can be finalized if all requirements are met and both parties agree. This waiting period can range from a few days to a month.
  • In jurisdictions with no-fault divorce laws, you may not need to prove fault (such as adultery or cruelty) to obtain a divorce. This simplifies the process and can contribute to a quicker resolution.
  • Some jurisdictions have specialized courts or procedures dedicated to handling uncontested divorces quickly and efficiently, further reducing the time required.

To pursue an emergency expedited divorce, you would typically need to demonstrate to the court that delaying the divorce process would result in significant harm or hardship. It’s advisable to consult with a qualified family law attorney in New York to understand your specific situation and the legal options available to you.

Contributed by Aronov Law NY – an award winning family lawyer near you at 139-67 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11418, United States.

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