Ask the Real Estate Expert (2/2)

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By Jacques Ambron, Broker, Brown Harris Stevens Real Estate

Q.  How many places should I look at before buying a home?

A. This is a question that many buyers have. Every buyer has a different notion about the answer to this question, which my experience has taught me can depend on a few things. If you have properly educated yourself on selling prices for homes similar to what you are seeking, then the answer is not 1, it’s not 10, and it’s not 20. The answer is that when you see the right place, you’ve seen enough. Sometimes that happens after viewing only a few homes. Many times I’ve heard buyers lament the fact that they didn’t buy something they saw early on because they felt that they should see more. Don’t let it happen to you. Every buyer has a list of wants and needs. Be clear with yourself regarding the things that you can live without and the things that you can’t. 

Q.  I listed my home and received an offer right away. Now I’m thinking about raising my price—does that make sense?

A.  If your agent has done the right thing, you should have a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and should know the market value of your home. If you have priced it correctly, while it is still fresh to the market, it’s common to attract an excited buyer and immediate offer. So often I have sellers who say: “Well, I just put it on, let’s see if we can do better.” They then spend the next few months regretting that they didn’t take the first offer. So the short answer is:  Don’t be too greedy. If you have priced it right and are getting a reasonable market offer, take the offer and move to contract quickly. You’ll be happy you did it without having to show to a multitude of prospects. Please send your real estate-related questions directly to  or to Jacques Ambron, Brown Harris Stevens Forest Hills, LLC, 108-23 Ascan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375, 718-878-1970.

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