5 Best Vehicles for Moms Who Hate Minivans

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Many people wonder whether a bigger family needs to buy a new car or not. More likely, as your family grows, so will your automobile needs. And so the best thing to do is find out what you can afford and wait for the right time to buy or lease a car in NYCMoms, however, have a different set of priorities.

Here are the 5 best vehicles for moms who hate minivans:


1. Toyota Highlander:

 Parents will love its low cost of ownership and SUV-like feel. The second row of seats provides plenty of space for kids, but the real benefit is the third row. You can get a full-size 3rd row and install an infant car seat in the space between the 2nd and 3rd rows. This makes a great mini-cargo and entertainment center. They’re not ideal for 6 adults towing heavy items, but they are ideal for a more intimate group of people.


2. Ford Explorer: 

For parents who want to tow big trucks, but don’t want to give up a minivan’s seating capacity, the Explorer is a great option. There are three spacious rows of seat stows up to 5,600 pounds, the perfect SUV for families who love camping or outdoor activities.


3. The Toyota Sequoia:

 First of all, It has the best cargo hold for 5 adults and 2 kids and This SUV got five stars for its side crash test It has a lot of room, it is very large and comfortable for passengers and has a smooth ride


4. Kia Sorento: 

The Sorento offers a mini-van feel as well as a spacious cargo area. Kia also gives parents the added benefit of a system called Push-Start which allows you to start your vehicle without a key. Push-Start is not available on other vehicles in its class.


5.  Hybrid Honda Accord :

One of the advantages of a hybrid is that it’s more fuel-efficient than a regular gas car. The Accord also has lots of cargo room and seating for 5 adults. It’s not as popular as some of the other vehicles, but it is a great choice for parents because it combines fuel efficiency with comfort and cargo space.

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