Forest Hills Green Team announces endorsements for City Council

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After an extensive endorsement process, the Forest Hills Green Team has announced who they are backing for the City Council in the 29th District.

Using the ranked choice voting system, the group is endorsing Aleda Gagarin as their first choice. They recommend ranking Lynn Shulman second and Evan Boccardi third in the race.

The Democratic primary is set for June 22.

“Aleda is 100 percent aligned with the Forest Hills Green Team positions on all the issues that concern our team,” said Forest Hills Green Team Co-Chair Mark Laster. “FHGT wants everyone to recognize that we are in a climate emergency, and must urgently reduce our carbon emissions to stall climate change and avoid worst case scenarios.

“We need to do as much as we can at the individual, community, state and national levels to respond,” he added. “We can be proud that NYC is already a world leader in municipal climate response. We need to ensure that the next council member for the 29th district is fully committed to that goal.”

The FHGT praised Gagarin for having an “exceptionally detailed” climate policy agenda and a record as an activist. They also touted Shulman’s commitment to climate change efforts and her extensive experience.

While Boccardi is less experienced, he is still knowledgable and thoughtful, the organization said.

The Forest Hills Green Team formed in 2018, and have since worked on community projects like the Forest Hills High School community garden, revitalizing the MELS High School garden and beautifying the LIRR underpass on Yellowstone Boulevard by the 112th Precinct.

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