The Most Common Non Immigrant Visas in New York

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Non Immigrant visas are rightfully named as a visa for the intended purpose of not immigrating. But, non immigrating is a broad term that includes several types of visas for very different purposes. When best to hire an immigration lawyer who specializes in non-immigrant visas when looking to apply for, extend, or change your visa status. The benefits can be endless but as you probably know the visa process is expensive, time-consuming, and confusing. With a specialist attorney, you can fast track your way to the top and make sure it is done right.

Here are the most common non-immigrant visas in New York:

Student Visa

Student visas are meant for foreign nationals who are looking to come to the USA and study. There are different classifications depending on what type of program they want to study in, but overall the visas are valid for as long as the student is enrolled full time in an approved institute. It should be noted that in late 2020 President Trump proposed changes to the student visa process requiring students from many countries to apply every 2 years. Once the student has completed their studies they are given a grace period of 60 before they are required to leave the country. The family also must be able to prove they can financially support their student since in most cases they cannot work.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is a separate visa you can apply for that allows you to visit the USA as a tourist on vacation. You will not be permitted to work or to study on a student visa. The tourist visa is valid for 180 at a time. About 39 countries are participating in a visa waiver program with the USA but the majority of tourists need to apply in advance in their home country.

Work Visa

The work visa has the largest number of sub-categories depending on if you are an investor, manager of a local branch of a foreign company, engaging in trade, a highly skilled profession, or a specialist. The terms of each type of visa are different and change occasionally. Under a work visa, you can obviously work legally, pay taxes, live, drive, and go about your life almost as normal. Working with an experienced immigration lawyer can help advise you as to which work visa will work best for your skills.

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