The 3 Most Common Real Estate Litigations

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The real estate industry is currently booming. This is due to all time low interest rates and a large supply of rentals on the market. This is beneficial to both the property owner (landlord) and the renter/purchaser. However real estate transactions can be complicated and must follow legal guidelines set forth by each city and state. Anytime you suspect a real estate litigation might arise contacting a local real estate attorney as soon as possible is the best course of action. Here are the 3 most common real estate limitations that occur in New York.


Landlords are required to maintain and repair their property up to a safe standard. Tenants have a right to live in a property that does not cause them harm, either to their health or physically due to a state of disrepair. Whether it be related to water leaks, falling ceilings, unsafe staircases, or floors, it is very important to receive your tenant’s request and make the appropriate repairs and maintenance as soon as possible.

Breach of Contract

A real estate contract sets forth the specific responsibilities of each party.  It includes legal obligations involving closing, financing, responsibilities, timeframes, titles, and more. If a party does not live up to the obligations detailed in the contact they can be held liable for breach of contract. A real estate attorney would then be required to help protect your interests and interpret the contract according to the law.

Boundaries or Zoning disputes

All properties residential and commercial have very specific boundaries. Sometimes the boundaries are not clear to the people involved, or for other reasons they are less than clear leading to legal conflict. A similar situation can happen with zoning restrictions. Working with an experienced real estate lawyer who is very familiar with local zoning and boundary issues is your best chance of success to solve these issues, quickly and cost-effectively.

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