4 Important Documents Worth Updating With Your Lawyer

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Planning your senior years can never be done too early in life. In fact, some of the most important planning should take place early on in adulthood.  But, organizing your estate, drafting a will, and many other documents relevant to elderly law are not a one time action, where you file it away and leave it until some untold date in the future. Together with your local elderly and estate lawyer you should consult, draft, review, and update certain documents as time progresses and life and family situations change. Here is a list of 4 legal documents that are worth updating with your lawyer.

Durable Power of Attorney

As you may know, the power of attorney is one of the most important legal documents to affect your finances. In short, the power of attorney will have the legal power to handle all estate and financial related issues in your life. This becomes extremely important in handling things like bills, taxes, bank accounts, so your family is not locked out of handling your finances. A durable power of attorney should be reviewed periodically, and if necessary updated, to reflect the realities of your life. For example, perhaps your children are now adults, more mature and more responsible, and you want to assign or change who is the power of attorney

Health Care Proxy

A health care proxy is very similar to the power of attorney, except for medical-related decisions. In our senior years, especially at the end of life care, there might be medical decisions that we are unable to make due to physical or physiological decisions. Ensure your estate lawyer handling elder law documents reviews with you that your health care proxy is legally binding.


A will is one of the most common and most important documents to organize your estate after death. If you don’t have a will then most assets can go into an estate administration and will require time and money to release. Many local Probate attorneys will design your will in such a way that you can easily verify it to minimize the probate process for your family. As your assets change with the time you will can need to be updated to reflect these changes.

Living Will

A living will needs to be binding in the state of New York and your lawyer can help you with drafting it. A living will dictates all of your wishes related to medical care in case you are unable to speak or make a decision. For example, do not resuscitate order or how you would like a coma to be handled can be included in your living will.

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