Borough president announces appointments to community board

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Acting Queens Borough President Sharon Lee today announced her appointments of individuals to serve on Queens’ 14 Community Boards this week. On May 31, the 339 appointees, 76 of which are first time members who have demonstrated a commitment to serving community needs, began their two-year terms, which will run until March 31, 2022. The office received 595 applications, including 252 from applicants who had never served on a community board. More than 340 were from those who were reapplying at the end of their 2020 term. Citing “extraordinary circumstances” amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Lee announced in late March that community board members whose terms end on March 31 would continue for an additional 60 days. Here are Borough President Lee’s appointments for the 2020-2022 term for Community Board 6, which serves Forest Hills and Rego Park:
  • Anisa Ayon
  • John Dereszawsky
  • Ethan Felder
  • Gail Gordon
  • Brendan Griffith
  • Bruce Grossberg
  • Mordechal Zev Hecht
  • Oded Horodniceanu
  • Emanuil Kalendarev
  • Prameet Kumar
  • Mark Laster
  • Ralph Leonart
  • Jonathan Li
  • Kevin Ly
  • Tania Padgett
  • Shari Rolnick
  • Herbert Schonhaut
  • Jean Silva
  • Robert Silver
  • Marsha Silverstein

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