Kew Gardens Flea Market brings Christmas joy to JHMC pediatrics unit

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The pediatric unit at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center celebrated Christmas with gifts for young patients thanks to a delivery of toys from supporters at the Kew Gardens Flea Market.

On December 19, Lisa Altimari and Kandice Rogers, the co-organizers of the flea market, joined the pediatric staff for a Christmas celebration.

“We all understand the importance of helping to make the holidays a special time for all children,” said Rogers, who was also representing the Women’s Committee of Local 28 Sheet Metal Workers.

They host the flea market four times a year – twice in the spring and twice in the fall – at the Kew Gardens LIRR parking lot.

The vendor fees from the event are used to purchase non-medical items for JHMC’s pediatric unit, including gifts for the holidays.

“This is an exceptionally orchestrated market,” said Kara Myers from LIRR Public Affairs.

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