King Manor opens new exhibition space

Visits: 200

King Manor Museum’s first temporary exhibition “Transfer at Jamaica” is now open! For the first time,
visitors are welcomed into the old King family’s c. 1805 sitting room on the second floor, where they will
view unique artifacts relating to the 19th century development of Queen’s infrastructure.

Visitors may be surprised to know that the LIRR has been around since 1836. You are invited to come
see in person maps showing the sale of King family land to the railroads, as well as hand-written
documents, a surveyor’s chain (of the type George Washington used when a young man), and more.

Local residents who have been following the debate over the enclosed or open-air bus parking lot at the
Jamaica Depot or benefitting from the City Ticket to get affordable, fast rides between Jamaica Station
and Atlantic Terminal will enjoy seeing the roots of their neighborhood’s transit system -love it or hate

On view from December 13 through mid March, see this special exhibit for less than the price of a
single-ride Metrocard — King Manor is free to visit. Donations are encouraged to support local history
and the museum’s free family activities throughout the year.

Look for more exciting news from King Manor as they celebrate their 120th anniversary as a museum in



About King Manor Museum:
King Manor Museum is located in King Park at 150-03 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, New York near the E train terminus at Jamaica Center, the LIRR to Jamaica, the F train to Parsons, and many bus lines. The museum was the home and farm of founding father Rufus King from 1805 to 1827. Rufus King was a framer of the U.S. Constitution, and an early, outspoken opponent of slavery. King Manor later became the estate of King's son, John Alsop King, who served as New York's Governor where he fought against unfair fugitive slave laws. King Manor uses this history to teach critical thinking to over 10,000 visitors a year. Detailed information about King Manor’s events, history, and other programs is available at

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