Exhibit draws inspiration from Jade Koi pond

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“The 6 Koi” exhibit is running until November 1 at Jade Eatery & Lounge at 1 Station Square in Forest Hills Gardens.

An opening show, sale, and fundraiser took place on September 21 featuring artist and gallery owner David Chatowsky, a Rhode Island resident who returned to New York following the successful “Tree of Life Exhibit” last spring at Red Pipe Café on Austin Street.

When patrons enter Jade, a pond that is home to six Koi fish greets them.

“These six Koi are the inspiration for my art show,” said Chatowsky. “I am very familiar with Koi and aquatic plants since I worked on an aquatic farm in Palm City, Florida, in my early twenties and helped raise Koi. I also grew many water plants, such as water lilies and lotuses.”

Paintings on display include “The Jonah Koi,” “The Samurai Koi,” and “Koi with Water Lilies.” All of the paintings are for sale.

Ten percent of total sales will benefit the New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund, which provides financial assistance and support to the families of police officers, firefighters, Port Authority police, and EMS personnel who have been killed in the line of duty.

This initiative is in partnership with Chatowsky’s friend Lyle Carey, who is running in the NYC Marathon to raise $4,000 for the charitable cause.

Chatowsky hopes the exhibition inspires others to preserve the natural world.

“Animals make our lives more interesting, their colors enrich our landscapes,” he said. “We are their stewards, therefore it is our responsibility to create areas within the urban environment for animals, so future generations can be graced by their presence.”

“Perhaps a deserving subtitle for David’s new exhibit is ‘Koi to the World,’ since his use of this fascinating species symbolizes the importance of preserving our many aquatic world’s treasures,” said Ron Caveglia, who attended the opening. “I could feel how passionate he is regarding our environment’s protection and cultivation, and how very much he appreciates our sea’s numerous natural wonders.”

Ileana Herrera said Chatowsky’s humanity and simplicity is evident through his artwork.

“There is a tranquility and spirituality in his works,” she said. “In astrology, the fish represent the 12th house, the completion of the karmic/soul wheel of life.”

Rince Calder praised the exhibit for embracing traditional aquatic images and forms.

“I appreciate the darkness and shadows, which allows a bit of obscurity for the viewer’s imagination,” he said.

Chatowsky opened the first D. Chatowsky Art Gallery in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in 2016, followed by a second in Newport last September. His third gallery recently opened on Block Island.

His diverse accomplishments include permanent mural installations at the Florida Museum of Natural History, owning art galleries in Florida and New York, and coordinating humanitarian art exhibits in Los Angeles and Boston.

“The collaboration between a Rhode Island artist and Jade signifies the willingness of people working together to create a better future,” said Chatowsky.

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