Event Security: A Must For Any Large Gatherings

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Event security is a critical part in any event’s success. If you doubt that, consider this true story. So whether you are throwing a large backyard event or a concert at Forest Hills Stadium, make sure you have a security team in place to coordinate the event and here’s why.

A global brand was known for holding a huge music festival every year. It attracted both huge crowds and well known local and international DJ’s, and for 5 consecutive years, was one of the biggest and most well publicized music events in that country. In terms of visibility and reach, that one event generated more coverage than any of their paid ads or marketing campaigns.

And it was all ruined in one night.

A group of kids snuck a batch of bad drugs through event security. They had terrible reaction to the drugs, with massive heart failure and (from autopsies) massive organ failure. Autopsies said that “tests showed results far worse than the effects of the Ebola virus.” Within hours, the brand was called for a Congress hearing, stock prices fell, and the brand received nationwide backlash for negligence. The lapse in event security led to millions in loss of revenue and brand reputation.

That is why event security is so important at a national and local level. It takes more than hiring a few trained security guards to stand in front of an event entrance and make a cursory inspection of guests as they enter a venue.

Event security also involves:


Many celebrities or performers will demand event security, not just during the event but across their stay in the country. If you are organizing an event, calculate the costs of getting additional security at the airport, media interviews, fan meet and greets, and more.


Depending on your event you can expect hundreds and even thousands or tens of thousands of people entering your venue. You have to make sure that they’re not bringing in weapons, illegal substances, or even food and drinks. You also have to be prepared to deal with situations of guests bringing in fake tickets, or trying to sneak in with fake media passes.


For many big events and event venues, the gateway is just one of many areas that need to be monitored. You don’t want fans entering the backstage, or silver ticket holders trying to sneak into gold platinum seats. There are also cases of guests getting lost and not knowing what area to go to, then entering areas that are only open for event staff or performers.


Events can often lead to overexcited fans getting into a brawl, attacking security, or damaging property. It is the job of event security to make sure these altercations are quickly controlled and isolated, and that the people involved are escorted away from the venue. If these problems are not addressed right away, they can get media attention or even get bigger as more fans get involved in the fight.


Event ingress and outgress often happens in the wee hours of the morning. Production teams are the first and the last to go. Event security ensures they are safe. They also ensure that any valuable equipment is brought in and then brought out of the venue with the proper identification. Their presence at the event venue can also discourage fans from hanging around there before or after the event proper.

The five boroughs of New York City (Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island & Manhattan) or well known for hosting some lavish events of various nature. The city is hustling and bustling with corporate events, concerts, celebrity gatherings and other large get togethers which require security. Get on the right side of the fence and keep your guests safe!

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