Deasura Brings Classic Syrian Dishes to Forest Hills

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On August 3rd, Moe Jadeed and Maram  Shami opened officially opened the doors to their restaurant Deasura at 100-05 Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills. The brother and sister pair are bringing classic, healthy, and fresh, Syrian style dishes to the neighborhood. If you have eaten Greek, Turkish, Palestinian, or Israeli food you may find many of the fare to be similar in style. Deasura is sure to be your new favorite spot on Metropolitan Avenue.

The restaurant is open and airy. Custom made floral light fixtures are hung complement the decorative tapestries hanging on the brick walls. Tables were adorned with white and purple orchids. Shami tells us that construction was done in order to heighten the ceiling in the center of the dining room.

To start, we tried a plate of Tabouli. Tabouli is made with chopped parsley, onions, tomatoes, mint, bulgur wheat, olive oil, and lemon juice. We were told that the recipe for Tabouli varies from family to family. Shami prefers to make a more balanced version. “My father says that I’m the only one [in the family] who should make Tabouli,” Shami said with a laugh.

Next, we were served the most beautiful plate of hummus I’ve ever seen. Each plate of hummus is also served with a plate of cracked wheat chips on the side.

If you’re of Greek descent, the next dish will look very familiar. Deasura’s stuffed grape leaves are made with rice, tomato, parsley, and mint.

My favorite dish was definitely the falafel. These fried balls of ground chick peas, parsley, onion, garlic, cumin, coriander, are made with a special blend of spices. The falafel can be served with tahini or tzatziki sauce.

Deasura also serves three items that resemble Spanish style empanadas. Sambousak Lahme is deep-fried homemade dough shells stuffed with ground lamb and onion. Sambousak Jibne is deep-fried homemade dough shells stuffed with Syrian cheese, parsley, and black seeds. Lastly, Meat Kibbeh is a fried bulgur wheat and beef shell stuffed with ground lamb, onions, and spices.

Jadeed and Shami have also added several vegan/vegetarian options to the menu. Shami says that her brother Jadeed specializes in desserts while she prefers to make vegetable dishes. Her passion for veggies is shown through delicious options like Sautéed Loubiyeh, Batata Harra, and Khebaize. Sautéed Loubiyeh is green beans with onions and toasted garlic. Batata Harra is comprised of lightly fried potato cubes, drizzled with a garlic, coriander, and red pepper sauce. Khebaize, is made with sautéed kale and onions with bulgar, sumac, and lemon juice.

Deasura was founded with the intention of bringing traditional, delicious, Syrian recipes with fresh ingredients to Forest Hills. You will definitely not want to miss this restaurant!

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