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The Lefferts Boulevard Bridge has been the heart of Kew Gardens since the 1920’s, and is home to several local mom and pop stores. A few to name are Kew Gardens Cinema, Dani’s House of Pizza, and Thyme Natural Market.

In 1991, the MTA proposed plans to tear down the bridge and develop a high-rise building over the train tracks at the Kew Gardens LIRR station.

The negligent MTA abandoned this plan after facing opposition from a unified community.

Over the years, the aging structure has deteriorated and became a safety hazard for residents and passing trains. The bridge has not received any maintenance to help preserve itself.

Fast forward to 2017, the MTA is attempting to revive their plans and demolish the neighborhood landmark. This means taking out the 13 vital businesses that are located on the bridge and relocating current tenants.

Help recreate the victorious unified community that had once defeated the MTA to do so again. Sign the petition at change.org to fight for the MTA to restore and repair the Lefferts Boulevard Bridge instead of tearing it down.

More information is available at savekewgardens.com

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2 Responses

  1. Yvonne S says:

    This is wrong I use 6 out of 13 businesses on a bi-weekly basis. You are trying to destory the neighborhood. I think they need to realize we can use the subway instead of the RR!!

  2. george greene says:

    I wish you’d do something to save the gorgeous antique homes from being decimated by macmansion doors and cheesie appointments.

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