10 Reasons Why You Should Bring Dad to Aigner Chocolates on Father’s Day

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1. Aigner Chocolates has called Forest Hills its home for over 85 years now. Why go to Manhattan when you can get gourmet chocolate right here in Queens?

2. They have remotes that he won’t lose in the couch.

3. You don’t have to go all the way Kanto Region to get your hands on these Pikachu pops.

4. Here are some fish that won’t take him all day to catch. So, less time fishing, more time Father’s Day-ing.

5. Nananananananana… Bat pops! 

6. In the immortal words of Cardi B, “These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is chocolate shoes”.

7. Here’s a #1 DAD plaque that won’t take up more space in the house. 

8. There’s something for everyone. Aigner’s has everything from jellies, to cremes, to delicious Austrian style truffles.

9. I mean, seriously. LOOK at this salted caramel and tell me you’re not craving chocolate right now.

10. Still not convinced? Two words. Ice. Cream.

Aigner Chocolates is located at 103-02 Metropolitan Ave. Give them a call with any inquiries at  (718) 544-1850.

Don’t worry, Aigner’s is a judgment free zone… so there’s no guilt if you eat 2, 3, or 27 of your favorite treats.

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