Roast N Co is expanding to Kew Gardens

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Are you a fan of Roast N Co at 100-12 Queens Boulevard? If so, you will be glad to hear that the cafe is expanding to a new Kew Gardens location.

Roast N Co, which opened in 2016, offers high-quality coffee and high-quality rotisserie chicken with a French/Mediterranean flair. According to chef Sami Toujani, the eatery wanted to offer a coffee shop that also provides a restaurant option for residents.

Roast N Co has been a hit with the community since opening and will now also occupy the space at 82-60 Austin Street. The new location is near the Long Island Railroad Station as well as the Kew Gardens Cinemas. The space was previously occupied by Expresso Cafe.

To read more about Roast N Co, read the full story about what the eatery offers.

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