Holiday lights are returning to Forest Hills

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Forest Hills holiday lights are back on!

Last week, a decision by the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce to have a banner program instead of costly holiday lights caused an uproar in the community. The chamber announced that it could not foot the bill for a two-year, $32,000 contract to have the holiday lights strung across Austin Street and Continental Avenue. When the chamber noted that it could not afford the lights because local merchants were not willing to contribute to the cost, as they’ve done in the past, some residents were outraged over the merchants’ lack of holiday and community spirit.

Council Member Karen Koslowitz and Madison House Presents, the concert promoters for Forest Hills Stadium, both stepped in and will cover the costs of the lights. The holiday lights will return soon. Koslowitz was the first to announce the news, telling the community via a Facebook post. Stay tuned for more information on

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