Local eatery contributing to JJ Watt’s hurricane relief efforts

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Photo by Lisa Augello

Photo: Lisa Augello / Facebook

NFL star JJ Watt created a fundraising campaign to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas. To his surprise, his relief efforts has raised over $32 million with donations pouring in from around the country, including Bareburger in Forest Hills.
The restaurant is offering two new deals so residents can “Eat for Houston.” The first deal is a $14.95 “Pig Out Burger,” which includes wild boar patties, American cheese, black forest bacon, wham bam, brioche bun and more. If you purchase the “Pig Out Burger,” Bareburger will donate $5 to Watt’s relief fund. The second deal is the “Pig Out Combo” which included the “Pig Out Burger” along with a Shiner Bock for $20, of which $7 will be donated.
Of course, you can always donate to the actual fundraising page found at youcaring.com.

Photo: Lisa Augello / Facebook

Photo: Lisa Augello / Facebook


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