Forest Hills received many parking tickets in 2016

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Photo: ParkItNYC

Photo: ParkItNYC

Real estate website RentHop recently released information showing how many parking tickets were issued within the city’s neighborhoods. And with no surprise, Forest Hills and Rego Park were two of the neighborhoods in Queens to receive many tickets in 2016.

RentHop’s results were found by using NYC’s OpenData Portal, where they discovered that the Department of Finance issued over 10 million tickets in 2016 or about $715 million in revenue prior to any late fees.


Queens received 23.6% of the city’s parking tickets with 62.4% of households in the borough having a vehicle. Between Forest Hills and Rego Park’s population of 122,070 people, there were 109,287 tickets issued with a dollar value of $6,282,145. Neighboring Kew Gardens and Richmond Hill, with a population of 144,215, received 79,569 tickets worth $5,347,590.

Meanwhile, neighborhoods such as St. Albans, South Jamaica and the area near JFK Airport were issued 24,029 tickets worth $1,738,455.

Forest Hills and Rego Park didn’t make the top ticketed neighborhood in the borough, however. Astoria was the most ticketed part of Queens and actually came in second for the city. There were 219,853 tickets issued in Astoria last year, for an area with a population of 202,759. The total dollar value for Astoria’s tickets were $12,709,505, which only comes behind the Upper East Side’s $19,812,010 worth of tickets. This is the second time the Upper East Side has taken the top spot of the city’s most ticketed areas.

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  1. Mike Magill says:

    I hate to say, but it’s not nearly enough. The 112 needs to focus less on whether or not someone is parked 1 foot too close to a hydrant and more on the traffic situation on Austin Street. All of the illegal and dangerous U turns, Double Parking, Blocking of crosswalks and the like bring a considerable amount of traffic related issues that could easily be solved with some enforcement.

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