Kew Forest Boys Repeat as PSAA Junior Varsity Basketball Champs

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Championship Pic 2017 (2) The Kew-Forest School Boys Junior Varsity  Basketball Team made history on  Thursday.

With their 86-44 victory over Evangel, the  Jaguars locked up their second consecutive  PSAA Boys Junior Varsity Championship.


This is the first time (girls or boys) that Kew-Forest has won consecutive PSAA Junior Varsity Basketball Championships in the history of Kew Forest School.


Starting Five 2017 Three players scored in double figures for  Kew-Forest (PSAA 16-0, Overall 19-2), led  by Jonathan Daniels (34 points), Nino  Radoncic (added 30 points – 13 assists for  the Jaguars who never trailed) and Tyler  Coley (added 10 points).

Alex Pena chipped in with 7 points and  Lambert Shell with 5 points. The team has  won 13 straight games this season and won  17 straight PSAA games during last season’s  2015-16 run for the title. The Jaguars ended  with a perfect season in the PSAA 16-0.

“This is the most talented group of players we’re going to see for a long time and that we’ve seen for a long time at our school and for them to be so unselfish and willing to share with each other, that’s a coach’s dream,” said Head Coach John Della Marco

Achievements of Junior Varsity Boys Team (two years) 2015 – 2017
PSAA Junior Varsity Boys Championship 2017
PSAA Junior Varsity Boys Championship 2016
First Junior Varsity Boys PSAA Title @ Kew Forest – PSAA 2015-16
Two PSAA Junior Varsity Boys East Conference Championships 2015-17
Two PSAA Junior Varsity Boys East Division Championships 2015-17
Winner of Martin Luther Tournament – 2016
Winner of Jim Dilg Tournament – 2015
Overall Record – 39 – 7 WINNING PCT . 847
Overall PSAA Record – 29 – 1 WINNING PCT . 966
Overall Season Record PSAA Most Wins – 16 – 0 (2016-17) – WINNING PCT .1000
Overall Regular Season Record PSAA Most Wins – 13 – 0 (2016-17) – WINNING PCT .1000
Overall Most Wins Season 20 (2015-16)
Winning Streak 17 straight games in the 2015-17 seasons in the PSAA
Winning Streak 13 straight games in the 2016-17 season in the PSAA
Starting Five – Record Breakers
Jonathan Daniels scored 1,003 total points (2015-17)
Alex Pena total steals 160 (2015-17)
Nino Radoncic total assists 141 (2016-17)
Tyler Coley total blocks 53 (2016-17)
Starting Five – PSAA Junior Varsity Boys Individual Awards
Jonathan Daniels – PSAA League MVP (2016, 2017)
Jonathan Daniels – PSAA Championship Game MVP (2017)
Alex Pena – PSAA Championship Game MVP (2016)
Nino Radoncic – PSAA All Conference (2017)
Lambert Shell – PSAA All Conference (2017)
Alex Pena – PSAA All Division (2016, 2017)
Lambert Shell – PSAA All Division (2016)
Tyler Coley – PSAA All Division (2017)

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