The Kew-Forest School JV Jaguars win their 9th Straight & give back to their community

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Team JV Perfect Regular Season

The Kew-Forest School Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Team continue to dominate the Private School Athletic Association (PSAA) Junior Varsity Division, posting a 25-1 record in two years and 36-7 overall.

No Kew-Forest School Junior Varsity Boys Team has never had a perfect PSAA regular season record 13-0, until now. The team has won 9 straight games this season and has won 13 straight PSAA games since last season’s 2015-16 run to the title.


Clinic PicAlthough their season is long and tiring, the JV boys are also giving back to the community by running a clinic for the Private Athletic League (PAL) Bronco Division




Clinic 2 .JPG 1JV players Alex Pena, Tyler Coley and Lambert Shell, assisted Coach Della Marco during a clinic for 10-year olds. It was a great day and everyone had fun and learned basketball skills.

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