MK Vision is helping Forest Hills & Queens residents relieve digital eye strain

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MK Vision Center in Forest Hills is helping residents defend & relieve digital eye strain.


What is Blue Light & What are its Harmful Effects?

Blue light is a color in the “visible light spectrum” that can be seen by the human eye and has a very short wave length, and so produces a higher amount of energy.

Studies suggest that being exposed to blue light for long periods of time can cause serious eye problems.


Prevencia lenses will help relieve and help protect your eyes, and MK Vision is offering a great deal on lenses & frames! Starting October 20th, enjoy $100 OFF Your Complete Pair Purchase of Crizal Prevencia lenses + any frame from Suki Eyewear or Mott & Bayard Eyewear collections. Learn More





Why You Need Prevencia lenses

Crizal® Prevencia™ no-glare lenses can block UV light and help protect your eyes from reflections, smudges, scratches, dust, water, and harmful Blue-Violet light in everyday surroundings including sunlight, indoor lighting, and most digital screens.

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Mott & Bayard Eyewear

Mott & Bayard Eyewear embodies the cultural and stylistic dynamism of Lower Manhattan by capturing the look and feel of Soho. The brand was born to celebrate “Style” but more importantly, it offers a better fitting glasses with elevated nose pads. Frames will sit parallelly to the face, making customers feel incredibly comfortable.


Suki Eyewear

Most Suki frames are made out of the finest titanium on the market, that’s why they are 40% lighter than the normal metal frames. The lightweight design and versatility make Suki Eyewear a great choice for any occasion.

MK Vision is located at 107-29 71st Ave, Forest Hills, NY 11375. Their phone number is (718) 575-8288 .

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