Funding leads to renewal of ACE Street Cleanup Services

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Council member Karen Koslowitz announced that the Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (ACE) Street Cleanup Services have been renewed.

ACE provides job training, work experience and a lifetime support network for the homeless. In the district, ACE workers will clean the streets and remove graffiti as well as pick up trash and debris along commercial strips. The renewal also allows for an additional worker on Austin Street and a new cleanup route for the commercial district surrounding 108th Street.

Part of the funding for these services have come from Tiebreaker Productions, a promoter of music concerts at the West Side Tennis Club. Tiebreaker gives back a portion of their concert ticket revenue to community based concerns, presenting a check for $11,589.50 for the NYC Department of Sanitation and $29,100 towards the ACE Street Cleanup Services.

“Our commercial corridors are being taken care of by men and women who are transitioning from challenging circumstances to constructive and positive lives,” stated Koslowitz in a press release. “The funding provided by Tiebreaker will add to the $74,320 already slated for ACE in my Council District, and I pleased to note that the money for DSNY will go towards over 20 new “high-end” litter baskets with small openings designed to curb illegal dumping.”

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