Film follows shenanigans in Pleasantville-like Queens

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A new Queens-centric comedy is looking to hit the film festival circuit this year.
“Susie Q” follows two brothers, played by Anthony Robles and Ausar English, who each fall in love with the same neighborhood bad-girl, played by Olga Elliot.
But this isn’t a traditional movie capturing two guys fighting over a young woman. These brothers are actually planning to rob the girl that they’ve fallen for in order to pay off a bully.
Filmmaker and Forest Hills native Vilan Trub has experience working in production but wanted to put his own stamp on the film industry by creating his own movie.
After becoming inspired at the New York Film Forum in Manhattan, set out to make “Susie Q,” his second attempt at a featured film.
With “Susie Q,” Trub mainly wanted to explore the relationship between two brothers. While one brother is older and more successful with courting women, the younger brother is “wet behind the ears,” so Trub delves into their dynamics.
Their common love interest is certainly used as a catalyst to fuel why and how they interact with each other.
Trub deemed Susie Q the “Darth Vader” of the movie. Her character had to be an “evil force” in order to have the audience go along with the brothers’ plan to rob her.
The goal was to start the comedy with a loose story that could be shaped as filming went on.
“You get to see how people are on an everyday basis when they’ve got nothing else to do,” he said. “While they are trying to rob the girl to pay off a bully, in reality they just have nothing better to do and they’re just strolling through life.”

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