Man stabbed in the butt at multiple subway stations

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In a bizarre case, a man was unknowingly stabbed multiple times in the buttocks while traveling along the F train on Sunday evening. In fact, the man had not realized that he was the victim of an attack until he got home.

While waiting for the Jamaica-bound F train at the 71st/Continental Avenue station, the suspect bumped into the victim from behind. They both boarded the train and the suspect followed the victim out of the train and onto Kew Gardens/Union Turnpike station where he bumped into the man a few more times.

The victim noticed blood on his pants and four puncture wounds on his buttocks, each the about the size of half an inch. He was taken to Forest Hills hospital and is in stable condition.

He described the suspect as wearing a red and black checkered coat and black pants. Police currently have not arrested anyone and have not been able to decipher what weapon the suspect used.

Keep your eyes on the lookout and stay safe.

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