Copycat arsonist is now in police custody

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With Forest Hills being set ablaze constantly throughout the end of the year, it must come as relief to many to hear that a copycat arsonist has been captured. Although he most likely isn’t connected with the perpetrator who set seven Forest Hills homes on fire, the copycat, Samer Shuaib, 36,¬†did cause some damage himself.

On Wednesday, December 9, Shuaib¬†started three small fires on Austin Street between 11:45 p.m. and midnight, one of which caused minimal damage to a police car. It just so happens, one of the fires was at a dumpster directly in front of the 112th Precinct. By early Tuesday morning, he was in the custody of the police. The man apologized for his actions, noting that he was drunk and didn’t mean to hurt anyone. After hours-long interviews, the police have ruled him out as someone connected to now infamous Forest Hills house arsonist.

The hunt continues for the original arsonist, with sources claiming his actions reflect anger at the recent neighborhood changes in the area.

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