Judge upholds conviction of doc who hired hit on husband in playground

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annadale playground
After initially being convicted in 2009, a federal judge has decided to upheld the conviction of a doctor who hired a hit on her estranged husband in front of their child in 2007.

After dentist Daniel Malakov won custody of their then-four-year-old child, Dr. Mazoltuv Borukhova hired a hit on him at the Annadale Playground.

Although her legal team has argued that Borukhova hadn’t received a fair trial, Brooklyn Federal Judge John Gleeson strongly disagreed, stating that any trial errors were harmless. He rejected all of her claims in her petition for a writ of habeas corpus, adding “the evidence in support of Borukhova’s guilt in this case was overwhelming.”

Borukhova is currently serving a life-sentence along with the gunman, her cousin Mikhail Mallayev. The two were said to have 90 phone conversations prior to the murder. The two also met at Borukhova’s Forest Hills office and Mallayev deposited $19,800 just days later into roughly 10 bank accounts.

“This was a terribly sad case in which the defendant was found to have conspired and carried out a murder-for-hire plot to assisnate her estranged husband in full view of the couples’ then four-year-old child,” Richard Brown, District Attorney, said in a press statement. “Hopefully this decision will bring a measure of closure to Dr. Malakov’s family.”

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