Forest Hills Barnes & Noble to be replaced by Target

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Neighborhood efforts to save the local Barnes & Noble have gone unnoticed by Muss Development, the landlord of the property at 70-00 Austin Street. The New York Daily News is reporting that the longtime neighborhood bookstore will be replaced with a small-scale Target by mid-2016.

After the community first heard of Barnes & Noble closing due to high rent issues, a petition signed by 5,794 people attempted to save the bookstore. However, Target and Muss Development recently signed a 15-year lease for the 20,795 square-foot property.

Although Muss Development Principal Jason Muss told the Daily News that the move is a natural fit for the high-traffic, residential area, those who signed the petition argued that the bookstore was also a perfect gathering place and an educational resource for the community.

But there is even worse news for fans of Barnes & Noble. The Fresh Meadows and Bayside locations are also closing down, which means there won’t be a Barnes & Noble left in Queens unless the company can find a new location.

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