Forest Hills’ Pride gay bar is changing gears

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Pride Lounge NYC

Forest Hills’ only gay bar, Pride Lounge NYC, on 70-15 Austin Street will be turning into a “neighborhood bar.”

Owner Georgios Aspiotis opened the bar in October 2013, but the space hasn’t fared well on the popular stretch of boutiques and restaurants. In order to attract more business, the bar will become more generalized. For patrons who adored visiting Pride, the bar will still remain gay-friendly, Aspiotis said.

The bar will also change names, going from Pride to Sorry Not Sorry. The drinks and hookah will remain the same. The Greek food will also remain the same, served from Corfu Grill, a next-door business which is also owned by Aspiotis.

On a recent Facebook post, Aspiotis thanked the LGBT community for their support.

“I have really had a great experience and crazy parties, the LBGT community has been so great, thank you for supporting me as a straight business man but unfortunately the spending and the register doesn’t reach my goals,” he wrote.

Starting July 1, the bar will take on its new identity. Until then, Pride will be celebrating its last days in style.

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