Forest Hills Gardens home prices increase by $500k in one year

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Just a week after StreetEasy named a Forest Hills Gardens’ street the most expensive in the borough, it seems like the competition is stiffening up.

Susanna Hof, a broker in the area, said that the asking prices for homes in the community have gone up by $500,000 over the past year. A decent-sized home can easily go upwards of $2 million.

It’s no surprise that the community’s real estate market has been hot. In a time when more people are moving to Queens due to ridiculously high prices in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Forest Hills Gardens may be the perfect spot for those who can afford it.

It’s close to subways heading to Manhattan as well as to several Long Island Railroad stations. And while it remains a low-crime, quiet, private suburban area with beautiful homes (of Traditional Homes Magazine worthiness), the area still isn’t far removed from shops and restaurants of Austin Street.

No wonder properties are selling like hotcakes.

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