‘ISIS’ nails changes its name due to pressure from residents

Visits: 136

The ISIS crisis was put to rest… in Forest Hills, that is.img_0676

The owner of nail salon “Isis Nails” changed the name after it drew harassment from people who thought the shop was connected
to the infamous Islamic State terror group.

Charlene Tse decided to rename her business “Bess Nails and Spa” after she received unrelenting phone calls and visits from folks who thought her salon in Forest Hills was a cover for waging jihad.


Photo: Roy Renna

“Before we changed the name, we had a lot of people taking pics and coming to harass me,” she told a local newspaper. “They said, ‘You have no shame! Don’t you know what happened, they cut off people’s heads!’”

Tse has since changed the name to “Bess Nails and Spa,” and it will cost her an estimated $7,000 to change the name of her

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  1. vanessa says:

    Isis is an ancient Egyptian Goddess, how ignorant can people be.

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