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A column by in the Forest Hills/Rego Park Times by Michael Perlman

If you are taking a leisurely stroll around Forest Hills among the trees, the Tudor architecture, or the commercial thoroughfares, you may have stepped into the setting of an oil painting by Weimin Mo, an accomplished artist who sets up an easel and a canvas and captures the neighborhood.

Mo is a native of Shanghai, China. who lives on the outskirts of Fort Myers, Florida, with his wife. Now at age 70, he cherishes his post-retirement life, where he can share quality time with his daughter in New Jersey or son who still calls Forest Hills home, and paint on a nearly daily basis.

“If the weather is nice, I simply go outside and paint,” he said. “If I am going grocery shopping, I sketch with ink on the subway.”

Fans can purchase one of his hundreds of works on his blog. Works are complemented by summaries of his interpretations of a scene and experiences. In addition, Mo works on commission to paint portraits, houses, boats, or any topic of interest. [FHT]


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