Mission of the Forest Hills/Rego Park Lions Club

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For over a century, Forest Hills and Rego Park has been fortunate to have culturally and generationally diverse residents who engage in tireless efforts to enhance the quality of life for their community and society, where today’s volunteers becoming tomorrow’s shapers.

This is very much evident at the Rego Park-Forest Hills Lions Club, which held a ceremonial dinner at Portofino Ristorante, 109-32 Ascan Avenue, on September 7. Members and their families and friends witnessed Rince Calder’s appointment as president for the 2014-2015 term, which was previously filled by Pauline Lam.

Calder, a 15-year Lion, stepped up with grace and said she is open to ideas.

“I hope to increase our membership and add new projects to our agenda,” Calder said. “Don’t be skeptical of the unknown, and give yourself without the expectation of receiving something in return. When you glance at what you have done for others, this will be your reflection of kindness and compassion.”

Read more at the Forest Hills/Rego Park Times.

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