Street Closures Saturday for Zac Brown Concert

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If you’re planning on traveling through the Forest Hills Stadium area this Saturday, whether you’re going to the concert or just want to get home, beware of these street closures!


Between Continental and 69th Ave–starting approximately at 2 p.m., vehicles are prohibited from driving down Burns St.

Tennis Place to 69th Ave–no one can walk unless he or she is a resident or is going to the concert. If you’re a resident, bring your I.D. 

Burns St. between 69th Ave and 68th Ave: Closed to all vehicles. Residents cannot park in this section of Burns starting at noon, but pedestrian access is accessible for residents.

69th AVE Between Burns St and Exeter St–all vehicles prohibited.

Between Burns St and Dartmouth St (the area along the stadium) — closed to cars and pedestrians.

Clyde St between 68 to 69th Ave–closed to all vehicles.

Dartmouth street between 68 to 71 Ave–closed to vehicles.

If this all just sounds just like confusing gibberish to you, we’ve attached a map of the Forest Hill Stadium and all the roads surrounding it to give you a clear visual of what all these words mean. ForestHillsStadiumMap

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