On the Record
by Rebecca Borrero
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A true Santa Claus graces the streets of New York City, and more importantly, the lives of others. His name is Robert "Boobiekins" Pullano.

Former president of the Glendale Kiwanis Club (2000-2002), Mr. Pullano has filled many shoes, including clown shoes, Santa boots, and his favorite, New Balance sneakers. His presence is pure enchantment, an open invitation to laugh and forget any hardships you may be facing. His favorite piece of advice? "Laugh easily and heartily, and most importantly, at yourself."

Very literal and meaningful words from the man who attended Clown camp at the

University of Lacrosse Wisconsin (which he affectionately calls, "Bozo U"), where he studied juggling, pie throwing, and other clowning techniques. He later shared what he learned with children in a clowning course he instructed through the P.A.L.

"Boobiekins," as he was dubbed by close friends, has since gone on to become Santa Claus, in a manner other than the tradition we are all familiar with. What is truly unique about this gentleman is not only his yearly travels to the homes of families (complete with the "biggest and best elf"), but what he does on a more personal level.

Boobiekins is known among family, friends, and neighbors for his escort services. He lends himself, his vehicle, and his sense of humor to accompany others to their various medical appointments. This is a service he provides free of charge. His reputation has been built solely on word of mouth, and he is available to anyone at anytime. Full of laughter, jokes, and comical anecdotes, it's obvious why Mr. Pullano is a great choice of company.

He has performed at various hospitals, orphanages, precincts, firehouses, homes, and even organizations such as "Ronald McDonald House" and Paul Newman's' "Hole in the Wall Gang Camp."

He climbed the Great Wall of China, and survived a one-way trip to Taiwan. He declined the opportunity to work with Barnum and Bailey circus to preserve his family's stability. And his happiest achievement? Watching his two children follow his philanthropic footsteps. He speaks proudly of Michele and Joseph, who made donations to charity on behalf of their wedding guests.

So how do we know this is the real Santa? Not only does he have the license to prove it, but he knows the secret of the "Santa Effect," which he describes as "The thought of giving, without thought to yourself."

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