Left Out of the Poll, But Not Pol Position
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Wow, that finicky Quinnipiac Poll is harder to get into than an Oscars after-party hosted by Jay-Z, Harvard, and the swing of things combined!

The Connecticut university that apparently specializes in little else than gauging the views and opinions of the general public on everything from mayoral races to your favorite brand of beef jerky, has once again snubbed Queens Councilman Tony Avella.

In their latest poll on the race for mayor in New York City, the mucky-mucks up at Quinnipiac (pronounced KWIN-uh-pe-ack according to their press release, but we venture to think that Avella might have a different way of saying it) once again left Avella off of their list of possible choices for mayor. They dissed Avella in their last poll on the subject as well.

The possible choices this time around were, in order of percentage points garnered, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, City Comptroller William Thompson, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Congressman Anthony Weiner, Speaker Christine Quinn, and Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum.

Actually, we left one choice off. Those six candidates managed to split 40 percent of those polled, while 51 percent said that they would rather vote for Bloomberg. Well, no wonder Quinn decided to Quinnipi-ack it in and just back extending term limits. If all six candidates could somehow form like Voltron (we won’t say which one would be the head) and become one super candidate, they still couldn’t beat Bloomberg.

But we digress. It’s not like Avella isn’t acting like a full-fledged candidate for citywide office; he’s doing all of the right things. He travels throughout the five boroughs getting some face time with his potential constituency, he holds fundraisers, and he has earned the support of Pamela Anderson (see Pol Position dated 7/31/08). So why can’t he crack that darn Quinnipiac poll?

Goslings, we really don’t know, which is about the time Pol Position opens up the floor for wild and (at the advice or our lawyer) probably false speculation, and now is no different. The first possibility is that Mike Bloomberg simply bought Quinnipiac University, and for reasons known only to him won’t allow Tony Avella’s name to be added to the list of candidates that he is sure to trounce in an election that he is not even legally allowed to run in. Yet.

The second is that the folks up at Quinnipiac didn’t read the Pol Position dated 07/31/08, rather only looked at the pictures of Tony Avella and Pamela Anderson side by side. In their haste to expand their polling pool, they had to rush back to the phone bank and didn’t realize that Anderson was praising Avella for his work on behalf of those carriage horses in Central Park, and instead figured the pair were linked in a much more dubious, scandalous, and videotaped way that Anderson is well known for, making Avella an unlikely choice to win the election.

The third is that the folks up at Quinnipiac harbor shameful and immoral prejudices. We don’t what those are, but they have them. Shame on you, Qunnipiac University Polling Institute. Shame on you.

If the candidates in the Quinnipiac Poll other than Bloomberg could indeed form like Voltron, who would be the head?

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