Grade policy fails
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Dear Editor,

Recently, the Department of Education made the decision that no students will fail any of their courses this school year. The new policy will give students a grade that will take the place of a failing grade.

This grade will sound something along the lines of "Course In Progress,” "Meets Standards,” a "Pass," etc. In addition, this grade will not have any impact on the student's GPA.

In my opinion, this new grading system will negatively impact public school students, because it is not fair to the individuals who work hard and actually deserve a passing grade.

Students who have been getting a free pass in school will be allowed to continue slacking off. Though students have the choice to keep their original grading system, this is very unfair to the students who actually work hard in school.

The students who do not attend Zoom class meeting, and don't complete homework assignments will basically have a free pass in school! These students could receive the same grades as a student who always attends every class, and gets 100 on every assignment.

Students who slack off and get a free pass will miss many learning opportunities. What might they spend most of their time doing at home during the pandemic? Many will probably waste their time playing video games.

They will become lazy, and when they finally do have a test or a real assignment that counts, their grades and GPAs will really go down.

All of these consequences could be prevented if they actually experience the pressure of being diligent and working hard at their studies. This new grading policy will have negative effects on students.

I strongly advise the mayor and schools chancellor to create and consider more positive, productive grading options for students.


Jin Zhao

7th Grade

MS 216

Fresh Meadows

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