Cuomo to the rescue?
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Photo: Governor's Office
Photo: Governor's Office
Nothing to see here, the governor has it all under control.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was forced into action on Monday afternoon when his motorcade came across a delivery truck teetering on a barrier on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Police had not yet arrived on the scene, so our sources say Cuomo ducked behind a semi, pulled off his suit to reveal a cape and a giant “G” emblazoned on his chest, realized how ridiculous he looked, and then put his suit and tie back on and went to help pull the driver from the car.

A photo sent to the media by the governor’s staff shows Cuomo on top of the median helping to lift the driver from the car, which looks like it is about to fall over on its side.

Cuomo takes some flack on social media for his habit of posting photos and videos of him helping stranded motorists, usually on upstate highways during snowstorms.

The knock is that he and his staff drive around until they find a marginally stuck vehicle, and then start the cameras rolling as the governor and his team pull them from the snow and send them on their way with a stern warning about staying off the highways during a weather emergency.

In this case, however, it’s a little hard to believe there was much staged here.

If Cuomo arranged for a three-car pile up to occur just as his motorcade was passing in the opposite direction, then that is some Grade A politicking and we should never hold another election again and just let Cuomo stay in the governor’s mansion for as long as he wants because he deserves it!

Although his impromptu presser immediately afterward in which he stated - “This is unacceptable! I will be adding a new proposal to address infrastructure and the safety of all New Yorkers in my State of the State address, which incidentally will take place on January 8 at 1:30 p.m. in the Empire State Convention Center in Albany. Limited tickets are still available at” - seemed a little to on the nose.

Kidding of course, but should we believe it was a wholly altruistic gesture on the part of Cuomo?

Sources at the scene had a slightly different story than the one pushed by the governor’s staff, which said there were no first responders on the scene when the motorcade arrived.

On the contrary, sources were quoted in published reports as saying the situation was under control and there was no reason for Cuomo to get involved.

They said that Cuomo and his staff seized on the opportunity to broaden the themes of the “Cuomo helps stranded motorist” cannon from silly snow rescues to a bona-fide flipped truck.

We’ll never know for certain the exact motive, but we are waiting for Cuomo to prove his naysayers wrong and up the ante once again, this time rescuing a dog and her litter of puppies from a sinking ship.

Criticize that, haters!
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