MoveNY will fix a system broken for too long
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New Yorkers across all five boroughs will benefit from the MoveNY plan. It is no secret that our transportation system is in deep trouble and will only get worse if we don’t act quickly.

Bridges across our city are in a dangerous state of disrepair, trains are unbearably crowded and sporadic, and tolls are reaching ridiculous highs, with prices hiking up seven times since 2000. If tolls keep increasing as they have since the 1960s, a roundtrip on the R.F.K. will cost $20-25 in cash by 2020. That’s crazy.

It might not be a perfect plan, but MoveNY presents our best solution now for helping to fix our ailing transportation infrastructure, cut down on the steep toll increases, and to ultimately usher our aging transportation system into the 21st century.

We may be the center of the universe in a number of respects, but our public transit system is not one of them. Under the plan, we would receive $1.5 billion annually in revenue, money our transit system desperately needs.

This money would be used to expand service to areas that need it, fix dangerously unmaintained infrastructure, and update our ticketing system, among other improvements.

Implementing some sort of toll on cars entering Manhattan’s central business district shouldn't be totally off the table as long as it isn't exorbitant and it cuts down on the notorious gridlock that snarls traffic at all hours of the day. This part of New York has plentiful public transit, and under this plan more commuters would utilize it.

Our current tolling system essentially encourages people to drive into the city, making for hazardous traffic conditions, higher rates of pollution, and the inherent dangers of having so many cars on the road.

This plan presents the chance to fix a system that’s been broken for far too long. Is it perfect? No, but it's a start.

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